Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The New Mr & Mrs.

First of all I must say that the wedding was absolutely beautiful and everything went off without a hitch. They were both so happy and the fact that they are very much in love couldn't be missed.

I have loved Amber like my own for a long time now. Patrick married the perfect girl for him and I couldn't be happier with his choice. Because of how I feel about Amber I really didn't expect to have the feeling and emotions that I experienced in the lead up to and during the actual wedding. Now matter how practically I tried to talk myself out of feeling what I was feeling, the thought simply wouldn't go away. I was losing my son. Now, I know I haven't really lost him. He's a self-professed mama's boy (aren't most boys?), and we have a very close relationship. I know that I will continue to see him very often and that the love he has for Amber is a completely different kind of love from the love he has for me. One doesn't push the other away any more than one child being born takes love away from the other children. I know all of this and yet I had several emotional moments (don't worry, I kept them to myself!). I am so proud of the man he's grown to be and the way he lives his life. He has the biggest heart of anyone I've ever known and I am so grateful that I am the one God chose to be his mother. When Patrick loves you you know it. He's the first one to help out a friend or anyone in need. His compassion for other's is often witnessed running down his cheeks. He's the champion of the underdog and every child's best friend. I've never met an old lady who didn't love him.

Patrick is every one's "go to guy".

Patrick is love personified.

Patrick has married a wonderful girl and we love her.

Patrick's mother misses him.


These pictures were taken by a friend, when we get the professional pictures back I will share them, I'm sure they'll be much better than these snapshots. But for now you at least get a little idea.

I love this picture! Look at what is going on between Patrick and Austin. I didn't catch this as it was happening but someone told me about it. Apparently right before Patrick and Amber turned around to face everyone after they'd been pronounced man and wife, Austin reached over to give Patrick a fist bump. Then, when they turned around Patrick turned his palm up kind of behind his back and Austin "gave him five". I can't wait to see it on the video. Candid things are sooo awesome

We took the opportunity to have a picture of our immediate family taken with everyone all spiffed up! (Jimmy and Austin shared Best Man duties) Both Sarah and Emily served as bridesmaids. Benny was a groomsman as well.

The happy couple are now on their honeymoon cruise and we can't wait to see them when they get home next Sunday.


Cindi said...

I'm all emotional reading your beautiful words for your great relationship with your family...thx for sharing your pics!!
Congrats to the sweet couple!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a lovely wedding. The pictures look very professional. I think the best thing we do for our children is to give them wings...they need to fly. It will be different for you but better I think. I rejoiced when my baby married a wonderful girl. It does make a difference.

Indigo said...

I think it's natural for a mother to feel that way on their child's wedding day.

I know with me I couldn't stop feeling I wanted more for my daughter and in my mind nit picking the simple ceremony and even her choice of husband. Then I saw how truly happy and in love she was. I think in the end that's what wins out we want our kids to be loved and happy.

Beautiful wedding and engagement photos. (Hugs)Indigo

Mrs. L said...

The candids are great!!! Love the low five handslap -- I bet the video is a hoot.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad that you love Amber, I am sure that means alot. Looks like a great wedding event.

Paula said...

A touching entry from the mother of the groom. I'm sure the feeling is mutual from the new daughter-in -law. The pictures are lovely.

kbear said...

Congrats to all! I understand the feeling of 'losing' a little bit, but I realized I gained a wonderful DIL,just as you have. it's tough letting go enough for them to fly...great photos!

Missie said...

The wedding looks like it was beautiful!

Beth said...

Looks like a gorgeous wedding, and I'm glad things went well. Congratulations to all!

2sisters said...

What a beautiful family you have. Congratulations on gaining new family members (or I guess in your daughters case, so to be gained new family members). What a beautiful wedding.