Friday, August 14, 2009

Want to see some adorable pictures????

I'm really hoping this link will work. This is the website with Brooks' newborn pictures. Make sure you click on all the little pictures at the bottom of the page. My favorite one is the one with all of his Bengal's gear. ( I know Cindi just threw up!).

Austin and I are still at Sarah and Bennie's doing the cooking, laundry and cleaning. Oh and we're also getting in a lot of cuddle time with Brooks. I tell ya, this Grandmother stuff is the BEST!.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

More pictures from Grandmotherville!!!!

This is the sight we've all been praying for...Sarah Kate with her baby in her arms. It just doesn't get any better than this!

Great Grandmother and Emily trying to help wake up Brooks so he will nurse.

I'm tellin' ya, I could kiss those cheeks off. In fact, I have tried!

Our dear friend, Connie personalized his very own Bengals outfit for him. I wish you could have seen Bennie's face when he saw this!!

Pictures from Grandmotherville!!

Before Emily hits the road with her laptop this morning I wanted to get some pictures up for you all to see.

Here is Aunt Em getting her turn...

Here I am playing with that precious little mouth. He has very sensitive skin and is covered in a rash that has us all horrified. It looks like it would be so itchy but he doesn't seem to be bothered with it. They say it will just disappear over the next couple of days.

On Mommy's lap. She is a natural mother!

Brooks just being precious!

Sweet Bennie holding his boy....I tell you guys, it would melt your heart!

Friday, August 7, 2009

My Heart Is Full With The Joy of Being GRAND!!!

He's here!!!! And wouldn't you know it, my computer issues of the moment won't allow me to post a picture of him right now. However, you can take my word for it that he is the most beautiful baby I've ever seen in my life!

Sarah has had placenta previa for the entire pregnancy and although it did move a little bit in the last couple of weeks, it didn't move enough to allow her to have a normal delivery. She was scheduled for a C-section for 10:00 this morning. They were to be there at 8:00 and we were going to get there about 9:00. I talked to her at 7:30 this morning and she was ready and waiting for Bennie to finish getting ready so they could leave. Ten minutes later she called me back in a panic. She was putting the baby's bag in the car and she felt a gush of fluid. She thought her water had broken but it was bright red blood. I told her to call an ambulance immediately and we hung up and I started moving fast. They didn't call an ambulance (the hospital is a 10 minute drive) they left all their "stuff" at home and Bennie drove her to the hospital. When I got there they had her back in a room with the fetal monitor on her. The birthing center was packed and BUSY! They started prepping her for surgery and since I'm a nurse and I work at that hospital, she asked if I could go in with them and they said YES!! I got myself garbed and masked and off we went.

I cannot describe the emotion I felt seeing my baby girl on that OR table It was just surreal. I tried to keep the fear out of my voice and tears out of my eyes and I managed it all okay until that precious baby was out of her and I heard him cry. At that point, all bets were off and I was just a blubbering Grandmother. I've asked so many of my friends what it feels like when you see your first grandchild and it seemed that no one could really put it into words that I could grasp and understand. Now I know why. It's just not something that there are words for. The closest I can come to explaining what I felt would be to say that an enormous love bomb burst inside of me and I know for certain that I will never be the same. It's love squared and then some! MY BABY HAD A BABY!!!! And he was PERFECT! And she was SAFE!. I just kept saying, "Thank you, God, thank you!"

To see Sarah and Bennie finally have the baby they've prayed for for so long was so wonderful.
Have I mentioned that he's beautiful??!!! He was born on 8/7 and weighed 8 lbs 7 ozs at 11:07. Sarah has always said that her lucky number is 7 and after today, we all believe her.

I work tomorrow night (but guess where I'll be on all my breaks!!!) and then I start a week of vacation on Sunday when they will probably come home. I'll be staying at Sarah's next week to help take care of her and be the chief cook and bottle washer ( even though she's nursing!). I promise to post A LOT of pictures from her house.

When we called Emily in Florida to tell her he was here today she decided on the spur of the moment to drive up here and as I type this, she is somewhere on this side of Atlanta headed home to get her hands on him. Some of you understand what a miracle that is in itself!!! My cup runneth over.

Let the Grandmothering begin.....I'm in heaven.

For every one of you who offered up prayers for my sweet girl and her husband I thank you from the bottom of my heart. God is so very good.