Thursday, March 19, 2009

This and That

It's another work night tonight and I've been up since 8:30 am thanks to the crew working on the street right in front of my house. Thanks guys! Sarah Kate came over at 1:00 yesterday afternoon and woke me up to go with her to buy maternity clothes. So after being up for 24 hours straight by the time I got in bed after work yesterday morning, I got about 3 1/2 hours of sleep yesterday. I finally fell asleep about 1:00 this morning and was hoping to sleep until at least noon today before going back in to work this afternoon. Guess that's a moot point now since it's after 10:30 am now. Oh well, how often does a woman get to go with her daughter to shop for maternity clothes. I'll stop whining now.

Austin's class is doing a "Living Wax Museum" of famous Kentucky people. Of course all the fun ones like Abraham Lincoln and Daniel Boone were taken. Guess who he picked? Michael Waltrip. I do know that Michael Waltrip is a famous race care driver, but I had no idea he was from Kentucky. They have to give an oral history of their character and dress like them. Children from other classes will come into their "museum" and walk around and read the written display (he has to make this) and when they touch his finger he is to be a talking wax figure and give his oral presentation. It must be memorized. He's less than thrilled by this. I can't say as I blame him. I'm stumped when it comes to creativity for this particular project. So, my dear friends, we're asking for ideas. If you can think of anything to spur our imaginations regarding Michael Waltrip, we'd love, love, love to hear it. What can we use to improvise a race car driver outfit? Do you know any interesting trivia about Michael Waltrip? Any and all ideas welcome!

I have so enjoyed all of your comments about the book TWILIGHT. I was talking to Cinnamon (whose book I am borrowing) at work Tuesday night about it and now she tells me that the first book is really just more of a set up for books two, three and four. She then tells me that it's really all about books three and four. I mean, really, this girl is sooo passionate about these books that it just makes me so curious. What if I give up and I really would love books three and four? So, I've decided that I'm absolutely going to finish this first one. If it turns out better than I'm expecting, I will attempt book two. If not, I'm diving in to my pile of books to be read with no regrets. Thank you so much for all of your comments and opinions. I love hearing what everyone thinks. Isn't it fun that everyone is so different. What a boring world it would be if we were all cut from the same cloth. I also loved the book recommendations that some of you made. I've written them down and will add them to my list. In fact, if anyone didn't make a recommendation and you'd like to please tell me your favorite books.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm no help at all with race car drivers. They wear helmets is about all I know. School is such fun. I'm glad I'm done with that. I did all that for sure, but never a racecar driver. It would be delightful helping a daughter shop for maternity clothes. Hope you catch up on the sleep soon. 'On Ya'-ma

Cindi said...

sorry I'm no help here...clueless about NASCAR...good luck!

Beth said...

Melissa, urghhhh! I hope you can get some sleep soon! I think I'd just...implode...if I couldn't get anymore sleep than that when I was working. Oddly enough, if I'm just staying up reading or playing on the computer, I have no problem! LOL

I'm not a NASCAR follower. From what I've seen, just buy him a jumpsuit and slap a bunch of corporate logos on it...STP, K-Mart, Tide, what have you. ;)

Favorite books...I lean towards horror. Imagine that! I loved all the Anne Rice vampire novels, and her Mayfair Witches novels were also excellent. For more adventure, with a little fantasy and horror thrown in, both Ken and I love F. Paul Wilson's Repairman Jack novels. Repairman Jack "fixes" things for people, and is one of my favorite characters in modern literature. Another great character is FBI agent Aloysius Pendergast in Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child's novels.

That should "tide" you over for a while, to get back to the NASCAR thing! Hee hee!

Hugs, Beth

Remo said...

I hear ya on the sleep thing. Ugh...

At least the lad isn't Seabiscuit.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hope your work is busy so you do not feel tired. I feel your less than adequate sleep pain.

This Country Girl said...

Bless your heart...I don't do well at all without sleep! But as you said, that's a special time to spend with your daughter!

Thank you for stopping by my blog for a visit!

You asked about how I achieved the look on the bowl. I'm actually going to put that into a post since a few people asked in the next few days. I used my paint and antiquing glaze, but I'll show pics of both, so maybe that will help!

Thank you so much! Have a great weekend!

Chris said...

Hopefully you're asleep by now. NASCAR? I can't help you out there, other than his memorized quotes should include "go fast, turn left turn left turn left turn left".


Debbie said...

Melissa, if you go to google and type in Kentucky Motor Speedway Michael Waltrip I think you will find all the information you will need for your sons project. Michael Waltrip grew up in Owensboro KY. He started his racing career at Kentucky Motor Speedway at Whitesville KY. (my hometown), his brother Darrell also started his racing career there. I hope this helps.


Anonymous said...

I'm no help with Nascar but it sounds like it would be a fun project-- Then again, I'm a GIRL and I love stuff like that.

I hope you get some sleep soon!

(ps: i cannot get into twighlight either!)