Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Oh my gosh, Thank you, Debbie!

Note to self: The next time you spend a very long time on an entry....make sure you don't forget you're on battery power and then walk away for a second only to see the screen fading to hibernate as you watch all your work go down the tubes. Grrrrr!

I cannot tell you how surprised I was to get a message from Debbie over at http://boondocksflapdoodleandbeyond.blogspot.com/ Boondocks, Flapdoodle and Beyond telling me that she'd nominated me for the Superior Scribbler's Award! I've been not so good lately at keeping up with things here and I truly don't deserve this award but I sure was touched by her faith in me! Thank you Debbie...I'll try to earn it.

So here is how this works:

1. - Post the award on your journal.
2. - Link back to the one who nominated you.
3. - Link back to the originating post for a list of rules
4. -Give this award to 5 other people that you feel fit the criteria of this award.

I present this Superior Scribbler Award to:

Judi http://emmapeeldallas.blogspot.com/ Talking to Myself

Judi is my "separated at birth twin sister", I've been following Judi's journal for several years and I just love her! She and I think so much a like and have so many interest in common. I love the way she tells a story (and she's got some good ones!) I love reading about her life and the food she cooks and the monumental DIY home projects she takes on...you just won't believe what this woman can do!!! You've got to see her journal if for no other reason than to see her beautiful grandson, Zander! If I could have one magic carpet ride I'd go to Judi's and eat dinner with her in her beautiful home and just enjoy her company. Do yourself a favor and go visit Judi. Thanks, Judi, for being such a great friend to me.

Indigo http://deafscreams.blogspot.com/ Scream Quietly

Indigo will inspire you and make you think. I love reading her journal. She is so honest and warm. You'll love her. And let me tell you there is nothing like getting a note from Indgo telling you that she is praying for you on the smoke. I am so grateful for those prayers. She's special, and you owe it to yourself to read her. Thank you, Indigo for being the special woman that you are and for taking me into your circle.

Linda http://lindapoohsthotfulspot.blogspot.com/ My Thotful Spot

Linda is one of those people that just warms your heart from the start. She is such a neat lady and I'm so grateful that I found her journal. I love reading about Marv and Mandy and her fur baby, Abby, and her grand fur baby, Maddie. Oh, and prepare to rediscover your love for Winnie the Pooh! It's a fun place! Thank you Linda for the warm friendship you've offered and for being the sweet, sweet spirit that you are.

Cindi http://wishingformyturn.blogspot.com/ Wishing for My Turn

Cindi is such a sweet person and she gives you wonderful "Sunday Sayings". (I'm a quote junkie!) She is always to be counted on for something positive to say and it's a good place to stop by for a "cheer up". Oh, and she just moved into a new house and it's fun to hear how she's putting it all together. Thanks, Cindi for your cheerful disposition and those wonderful quotes and cute country graphics.

Monica http://monicasmindlessmutterings.blogspot.com/ Monica Monica's Mindless Mumblings

Monica is a photographer and I absolutely love to see her photographs. She also writes very well and sends the most heartfelt messages just when you really need one! You'll enjoy reading Monica and just wait till you see her fur baby, Toby!!! Monica is just a great gal, so wander on over there and say hello. You'll be glad that you did. Thanks Monica for being so very nice and when I grow up, I want to take pictures like you!

Darn, that's my five and I have others I want to nominate! Just look in the right sidebar and check out all of my friends. They are the best.


emmapeelDallas said...

Wow, thank you Melissa! You made my day! I'm honored, Melissa, that you've nominated me but even moreso for your comments. Thank you thank you thank you! I've known from the first time I read you that we were separated at birth, and one fine day, we will sit across from each other and break some bread together. Thank you, my friend.



Jeannette said...

Congratulations on your award, how sweet is that and the graphic is sweet as well. Good choices, I know many of them.

Cindi said...

Congrats!!!! Thx for the award...& kind words...how very sweet! Enjoy your Turkey Day!

Leslie said...

Good job with the award. I think you've made some fine choices, some I know and others I will have to check out. Hope you are feeling better. Happy Thanksgiving.

Debbie said...

You're welcome Melissa, you are very deserving of the award. Personally, I don't feel that someone needs to write often, it's what they write that grabs my attention and you grabbed mine the first entry I read. I'm sure lots of other folks feel that way too, you have already earned it.

Beth said...

Congrats on the award, Melissa!

Robin said...

Just stopping by to wish you a happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

i love ALL of your picks! Congratulations on the award, you deserve it! I have one too, I love it! :]

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Missie said...


Terri said...

Congrats Melissa!

Very deserving

Happy Thanksgiving


kbear's heart 2 said...

CONGRATS on this award! in case you missed it, i gave you an award too. it's about 6 entries back on my journal if you'd like to go pick it up @ http://kbearsheart2.blogspot.com/ again Congrats. you deserve it:)~kbear

Paula said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comment. Have a nice Thanksgiving and I'll be back at a later time.

Wes said...

Congrats on your Award! If you go back a couple entries on mine I gave you an award too. Have a great day tomorrow and a Happy Thanksgiving!


Lisa said...

Wishing you a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving!!! I'm way behind on my journaling and have missed many entries but I am always thinking of you and all the wonderful writers here in these journals. Congrats on the scribblers award!! Many blessings to you and yours,

marti said...

I will have to go check out those journals!
Thanks for introducing me.

Debbie said...

Hi Melissa, stopping by to wish you and your family a very blessed Thankgiving.

Julie said...

Happy Thanksgiving.

Janie said...

Congratulations on your well deserved award. :) Hope you have a blessed week. Sure hope that next week goes well and you don't anymore people like the little old man you told about. lol Hugs, Janie

Anonymous said...

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