Monday, October 6, 2008

Thanks for keeping my secret!

What a great bunch you guys are! I loved your comments about that which must not be said. I promise that as soon as I'm allowed I will tell more. Not that I've TOLD anything yet at ALL! I don't think my feet have touched the ground all day just thinking about my little secret that I'm not allowed to tell yet.


Monica said...

Doing a happy dance for you and maybe even a wee bit jealous! OMGosh at my age I'm jealous of that!?!? I need a grandchild fix ... FAST!


Sherry said...

yes he was I felt the same way when my daughter had her last solo graduation day , a day doesn't go by that those memories don't come back to me .. I am sending you lots of hugs

Janie said...

LOL Praying things turn out great. Hug, Janie