Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This picture has nothing to do with what I'm going to write, I have just made the decision to look at pretty things, preferably pretty things that speak to me of warmer weather. Aren't those roses pretty? I can almost smell them!

I have to work today. I will go in at 3:00 pm and get off at 7:00 am. As usual, I've not had the proper amount of sleep but maybe I can make it up tomorrow. When I get off in the morning I am going to hang out at the hospital for breakfast and then meet Sarah and Bennie at 9:30 for her ultrasound. Cross your fingers that Jellybean gets in a position so we can tell boy or girl. I'm dying to start making blankets and gowns and anything else "baby" that I can come up with.

Have any of you seen the show "What would you do"? They stage these scenarios that put people in a position where they have to make the decision to get involved, protect someone, speak up or call the police. I love the show and look forward to watching it every week (isn't DVR wonderful!). It will really make you think! I am someone who avoids confrontation like the plaque! This is not necessarily a good thing, but it's how I am. While watching this show I've had to confront this about myself and it's caused some very real internal dialogue.

First of all I wonder why it is that I avoid confrontation. I don't have an answer to that yet. I think that I've spent so much time around people who seem to relish confrontation that I've come to see it as a negative. So, maybe I've over compensated for it. I've actually not really been in a position anything like the scenarios they've showcased on the show so I can't actually say what I'd do if I were in those situations. My gut tells me that I would step in if a child's safety were involved, in fact I know that I would. Another of the situations that really made me angry was when they had an elderly person in a wheelchair and the "caretaker" was being verbally abusive. That would also get my ire up. I detest cruelty. So, these two things are no-brainers for me. The nurturer in me would step up. However, if I saw my best friend's husband out in a restaurant kissing another woman I don't think I'd confront him. Would I tell her? It would depend on the situation and the friend. Human behaviour is a very interesting thing isn't it? What would you do? Does watching this show make you think?


Cindi said...

It is easy to be an armchair quarterback...but the show really does show how difficult it can be to confront someone.....I certianly ??? whats going on, before I react...thankfully I havent had to react to anything that has been harmful to people in my "real" life. Your pic isssss beautiful I can smell them from here....awwwww...hope your shift goes well, & hope the lil "wee" one shows off...;)...you know I want ta boy!

garnett109 said...

It's going to be a boy

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love the roses. I hope you keep on having these lovely flowers for us to enjoy on your journal. I don't like confrontation either. I'm alot like you and would protect my loved ones but not much else. I've found that keeping my mouth shut is often the best way.
Have a good day and let us know about the sonogram. Boy or Girl???

cw2smom said...

Hi Melissa! Hope you have a great day at work today! Glad you got the stuff in the mail..I must have missed the comment. Seriously, no need to take a pic/blog...just wanted to ensure you got them. What would I do? Gosh, I am forever analyzing that and I too love watching that show and human behavior. I hate confrontation too, but anymore, living with my addicts and their crazy crap, I am learning when to step in and when to stay outta stuff. Me thinks now..after 25 years of literally HAVING to be confrontational as a prison worker, that I would do the right thing when presented with the various situations in the show. I don't care so much about what people think about me and I guess, I'd rather be sure someone is safe than worry about making a scene. Great post! Blessings Dear Girl! Lisa

sober white women said...

The roses bushes outside my picture window are starting to grow back. Before long they will be taller then my window. I have no idea how they get that big, but thay do.
I do not like confrontation either. Life is way to short to argue with people.

Beth said...

I love this topic and feel the need to expound on it a little bit...but I'll do it over at my place, not here! LOL I'll be sure to link you up.

Hope you can get some much-needed sleep soon!

Hugs, Beth

Anonymous said...

I used to confront too easily. I think I didn't realize at the time(when I was in my 20s) that I was bitter & angry about how much my Mother suffered & how she died. I relished confrontation then and I see now it was a release for totally different feelings/needs...in a very inappropriate way. I did actually do some good with it, because I only confronted people who'd actually done something worth the hassle, but I was too into it. It wasn't good for me.

Now, I will do & say what needs to be done ^ said, but I am much happier to handle things in a different, calm way if it can be worked out.

Lisa said...

Melissa, I find it hard to confront people as well but I do like that show What would you do ? Hugs Lisa

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Have not seen the show, but it does seem like there are some unique situations described. I believe there is a board game that has the same concept :o)

Remo said...

For obvious reasons, I tend to confront situations directly. I think it's just something you're wired for (or not).

It doesn't hurt to lack a social filter.

p.s. You saw your best-friends husband kissing another woman?

Missie said...

I also like the show. I always think what would I do if in those positions, but to be honest, until I would be in one, I don't know. I'm usually a big mouth so i would probably step in.

Terri said...

I've never seen that show...

I can't wait to hear if it's a boy or a girl... :)

I'm thinkin girl...


Monica said...

Will you share with us if it's a boy or a girl?!? :-)

As for the show, as I mentioned on Beth's blog, I watch it with my daughter and it has produced several interesting conversations on what we would do ... or what we HOPE we would do. There are some situations where I'd move on out of fear of my own safety. Others, like the child or dog in the car .. I'd be doing SOMETHING, if nothing else calling the police.

I think in all situations we must consider our own safety. Oh, and I'm not one who likes confrontation.

It reminds me of an incident where I was at a nail place and the lady doing the nails of a hispanic woman got up and left her to take care of this tall blonde woman who was dressed to the 10's. The hispanic woman was sitting there confused and told she would have to wait. I told the owner to cancel my appointment I wouldn't be back after I saw what happened. I never have gone back.


Lippy said...

Hi there,
I haven't seen the show, but this post makes me want to. I'm not very confrontational either, unless pushed to the extreme.

I hope I don't ever see an instance of infidelity...the stress of "what to do" would kill me!

Good to see you, as always :)

Lisa said...

I haven't seen this show but it sounds really interesting... I love the pink roses at the top of the entry! I am way behind reading journal entries but have enjoyed catching up a little bit in what's going on in your world!! Have a great week ahead!
Lisa in Kentucky