Saturday, February 21, 2009

I can't take it anymore!!!!

I am alive and well. But I'm so sick of winter I could scream!

Since starting the new work schedule at the beginning of December (2 double shifts a week eight hour shifts every other weekend), I feel like a zombie. I am like a newborn baby that has it's days and nights mixed up. It's been the most frustrating thing. I think the fact that it's winter hasn't helped at all. I need sunshine and hot weather and flowers to play in outside. When I'm not tossing and turning in bed trying to fall asleep, I'm either at work or trying (emphasis on trying) to get house and home work done as I yawn non-stop and crave my bed and sleep. I just can't get it all together.

As I have tossed and turned, I've thought of soooo many things I'd like to blog about. But I'm supposed to be sleeping and I convince myself that if I get out of bed and turn on the laptop I'll never get to sleep. So, I stay in bed and toss and turn and then an hour later I'm reminding myself that I could have already posted it by now! It's making me lazy, it's making me frustrated and the dark circles under my eyes now have their own dark circles.

I'm thinking (hoping) that when the weather breaks I will come out of this funk and that my body will figure it all out. Something has to give, that's for sure.

Enough whining!

Sarah Kate is doing great!!!! She is now 15 weeks. She is still battling the nausea and vomiting but we're hoping that surely she is about to be finished with that. She's had two ultrasounds so far and the baby is just fine. This Wednesday she is having another ultrasound and we're hoping we'll know if it's a boy or girl. Of course all we want is a healthy baby but I've gotta tell you that if I could push a button and get the one I want I'd push the girl button! This is a little unusual for me too because I adore little boys (I think they're easier to raise!), but I am just so ready to have a little girl around to play with and do girlie things with. Actually, Bennie wants a girl too. But Sarah very much wants a little boy. If it's a girl her name is going to be Elliana and we'll call her Elli. If it's a boy his name will be Benjamin Brooks and we'll call him Brooks. But, like I said, I don't really care what it is as long as it's healthy and happy.

I've been thinking about so many things lately (tossing and turning is very conducive to thinking!) and I'm hoping that I can step out of my comfort zone enough to post them here in the near future and see if the world keeps on turning!

I've been so bad about getting around to visiting everyone lately, it will take me weeks to get caught up. Don't give up on me. I'll get there.

Everyone stay warm and please join me in manifesting a verrry fast arrival of Spring!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I join you in saying I've had it with winter too. Sunshine does sound great. That kind of schedule would be one that is hard to adapt to for sure. Take care...Spring will come!
'On Ya'-ma

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Love the snow man hanging :o)

My schedule is nothing like yours, but I just finished a night shift and am getting ready to hit the sack....zzzzz.....

Leslie said...

hurry, hurty,hyrru, hurry, huryr, hurry.. I can't stand it either, I am going stir crazy in the house. Glad to hear that the family is well.

garnett109 said...

Come on spring!!!!!!!!!!!

Remo said...

I think they should name the lad Remo. It's just an idea.

p.s. It will be 81 today in Phx.

"We'll leave the sunscreen out for ya..."

Cindi said...

HELLO DOLLY....(Melissa)...WELL HELLO's so nice..
ok ok I'll's great to hear from ya...BLOG, BLOG then BLOG some more...make a private blog if you need to vent and get things out. Save yourself some tossing/ for winter...thats why we're in FL now, I can't stand Mr guys have a had your share this I'm sending good vibes your way...*********....that's my extra special fairy dust...maybe that will clear up the weather...thx for the "preggers" (lol) update..I'm with the mom on this one putting my money aside for a boy...;)

Beth said...

I've seen that picture, of the snowman hanging himself, and it makes me laugh every time, because that is just about how I feel about winter!

I've felt really out of sorts lately, and I know it's because I'm ansty for winter to be over. And of course, it's snowing at the moment. :(

Hang in there, we'll all get there together!

So glad to hear that Baby is doing fine!

Hugs, Beth

Kathy said...

I've just spent some time wondering through your blog, reading posts. You have such a nice, family oriented blog - I love it! I remember how exciting it was becoming a grandmother. I just couldn't wait to get my hands on that baby! Now I have two little granddaughters, 4 and almost 2. Just wait - you'll have the time of your life! And the info about your other daughter's health issues. What a relief that she didn't have cancer at all. All that plus a wedding in the family - it's a big year for your family!

I understand your frustration with winter - it's still hideous here in Michigan! We've had a horrible winter and I can hardly wait for Spring!

Have a perfect weekend, Melissa.

kbear's heart 2 said...

well it's great to hear from you. i thought i had it bad but your reminder of your schedule makes mine look like a breeze. If you do stop by my journal soon, read the entry THE INVITATION if nothing else. we have sunshine here and i'm lovin' it. going to be up to the 70s in a few days. i'll send sum your way. take care. HUGZ~kbear

CntryMomma said...

I'm with ya . . . it's been a long winter. :o((


Terri said...

HAHA@ the hanging snowman

Girl I couldn't agree was snowing like crazy today here...we got maybe an inch if that...I think most of it's gone now though...but I am so over winter!

Come on spring!!!


Paula said...

Its been pretty nice here in south Texas but we will be singing the blues with the heat in July and August especially since we need rain so badly. Nice to see a post from you.

Monica said...

It's good to hear from you again, I was worried about you!

Your schedule sounds rough. When I worked at the hospital I was on call and would work crazy hours all week. I never knew if I was coming or going. At this point I'm so grateful to be out of that situation. I'm to old for those crazy schedules. ::sigh:: How long will you be on this schedule?

The one I was most worried about Sarah Kate - it was wonderful hearing she is doing good. Will continue to keep her in my prayers.

As for visiting the blogs - I wouldn't worry about us! We are still hear all plugging along. When the time is right you will get to check us out.

I can tell you not much is happening with me. I'm hanging real low due to very little bookings for wedding photography in the economy.


Chris said...

First, that picture cracked me up.

Glad to hear she's handling the pregnancy well. I vote for a boy:)

My photo instructor at UT is also a wedding photographer. I can only imagine how the economy has hurt business.

Missie said...

I'm sick of winter too, but we haven't even had much snow this year. I just hate the cold I guess.

15 weeks already?? The baby will be here before you know it!!

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Its good see a post from you. Poor snowman in the pic lol! Im tired of winter too.
Glad to hear she's handling her pregnancy well

Anonymous said...


I was actually just thinking about you yesterday.... I'm glad to hear that Sarah Kate is doing well!


ps: i moved my blog:

Debbie said...

I feel your pain with the tossing and turning and not being able to sleep. I've dealt with insomnia for years and have no energy level at all to do housework or anything else. It's great to hear Sarah Kate is doing well. My sister had 4 boys and 1 girl and she said the boys were so much easier to raise than her daughter. I don't know how much of the ice storm you got but we were without power for 13 days and some around here were without power for more than 3 weeks. And then we had the wind storm with gust of 73 mph. It will take us forever to get this mess cleaned up. I hope you're able to get some much needed rest.


emmapeelDallas said...

What BEAUTIFUL names! I love both of them! As for the schedule...oh, I feel for you! My sleep is so screwed up with menopause, at least, I think that's what it is. It's horrible. I'm sleepless at night but sleepy during the day. Grrrrrr. Here's to hoping spring comes SOON.



p.s. - I owe you a letter!

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